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16 February 2020:  Session II (June 15-19) now in waitlist status.  Space is available for Session I (June 9-13) and all 2020 Navy Swimming Clinics.

3 February 2020: Limited space remains available for Session II of the Navy Swimming Camp (June 15-19,2020.)  We expect to move to waitlist status this week for Session II.

25 November: 2020 camp & clinic dates now available.  Registration opening soon.

3 November:  Camp & clinic dates to be posted soon.  Online registration opens in early December.


16 June 2019: Navy Swimming Camp Update #4 for Session II now available.  Also, space remains available for all weekend clinics at Navy.

11 June 2019: Session I schedule now available.  Also, excellent energy and enthusiasm by the campers today!

10 June 2019: Navy Swimming Camp Update #4 and Navy Swimming Clinic Update #2 (for the clinics on June 15th & 16th) now available.

9 June 2019: 2019 Session I menu plus 2019 Navy Swimming items with raffle information now available.

- 2019 Navy Swimming items (click here)

- 2019 Navy Swimming items page 2 (click here)

- 2019 Navy Swimming items page 3 (click here)

- Menu for session I now available (click here.)

4 June 2019: Navy Swimming Camp Update #3 now available (click here.)  NAVY Swimming CLINIC Update #1 now available (click here.)

28 May 2019:  NAVY Swimming Camp Update #2 now available (click here.) We hope you had an excellent Memorial Day weekend and look forward to welcoming you to Annapolis in the very near future!

12 May 2019: 2019 camp & clinic preliminary pre order information now available (click here.)

8 May 2019:  The first formal update is now available (click here.) Space remains available for Session I (June 11-15) of Navy Swimming Camp & all clinics.

21 February 2019:  We are no longer accepting Session II waitlist applicaitons.  We will accept waitlist applications postmarked 21 February OR earlier.  Waitlist applications postmarked February 22nd and later will not be added to the list.  We do apologize as Session II is sold out for 2019.  Space is available for Session I as well as all clinics.


1 June 2019: 2019 camp confirmation email (click here)

11 May 2019: Pre order information