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8 May 2023: NAVY Swimming Camp UPDATE #2 now available (click here.) We are currently accpeting waitlist applications for the NAVY Starts & Turns clinics as well as the Navy Technique+Video clinics.  Space remains available for the 2024 Prospect clinic on Saturday June 17th.  Session II waitlist updates continue to be posted on the APPLICATION page of this website.  

21 April 2023: Session I (June 13-17) is now in waitlist status.  Waitlist will be posted on Monday.  Limited Space remains available for both Starts & Turns clinics as well as both Prospect clinics.

22 March 2023:  The Sunday (June 18th) Technique+Video clinic is now sold out.  Space is available for the Sunday Starts & Turns along with both prospect clinics.  A few spots remain for Session I (June 13-17) of the Navy Swimming Camp.  

Also, for those on the Session II waitlist, a friendly reminder that updates are posted on the application page of this website.  We will not reply to any inquiries about waitlist status.  Please refer to the instructions sent at the time of your waitlist registration.  Thank you.

7 March 2023: The Saturday Starts & Turns clinic (June 17th) is now sold out.  Space remains available for the Sunday Starts & Turns clinic (June 18th) and the Sunday Technique+Video.  Also, space is available for both prospect clinics and Navy Swimming Camp-session I (June 13-17.)

6 March 2023:  NAVY Swimming Camp UPDATE #1 now available (click here.) Space availabilty numbers are listed in this update.  The Saturday Starts & Turns and the Sunday Technique+Video clinics are tracking to sell out soon.  

16 February 2023: Technique + Video I (June 17th, 2023) is now sold out.  Space remains available in all other Navy Swimming clinics on June 17th & 18th.  Space remains available in Session I of Navy Swimming Camp as well.  

3 February 2023: We will no longer be accepting waitlist applications after Monday 6 February.  To get onto the 2023 wait list, see below OR click the tab titled application of this website.  Also, Session I & II combined is now closed (for those attending Navy Swimming camp for both sessions.)  Space remains available for Session I (June 13-17) and all clinics.  

23 January 2023:  COVID-19 vaccinations are NO LONGER required to participate in overnight sports camps at the Naval Academy in 2023.

12 January 2023:  Session II is now sold out.  Session II waitlist remains open however will be closing soon.  Space is available for Session I, Session I & II (if attending both), and all clinics.  Also, confirmation emails scheduled to go out next week.

9  January 2023: Session II-Day/Extended Day moving to waitlist status soon.  Space remains available for Session I along with all clinics.  Also, waitlist application link now available (click here.)  Waitlist updates will be posted as they occur on application of this website.  

4 January 2023:  Session II-RESIDENT (overnight) is now in waitlist status.  Space remains available in Session II for the Extended Day & Day options.  Space remains available for Session I (June 13-17, 2023) in addition to all clinics on June 17th & 18th, 2023.  Session II waitlist procedures for 2023 will be posted in the coming days.  

15 December 2022:  Beginning Monday December 12th, 2023 camp/clinic referral program now in place.  Refer a friend who registers for a 2023 Navy Swimming camp or clinic and earn a free gift item (2023 gift to be announced soon.)  Instructions to complete this process are sent via email.  NOTE: this is not retroactive before Monday December 12th.  

14 December 2022: Session II now over 50 percent full.  Space is available for all camp and clinic programs in 2023.

6 December 2022: Online registration for Navy Swimming Camps and Clinics now open.  Go Navy!

30 November 2022: Online registration scheduled to begin Tuesday December 6th, 2022.  Links will become available on this webpage by 10:00am EST.  Go Navy!


25 June 2022:  Hold onto your raffle tickets!  We are still awaiting the holder of the winning ticket to claim their prize.  Alternate winning ticket numbers will be posted on Friday July 1st, 2022.

9 June 2022: Navy Swimming Camp update #4 now available (click here.)  &

Navy Swimming Clinic update #2 now available (click here.)  Also, space remains available for Session I (June 14-18) & most clinic sessions.  Recruit a friend to attend and you get an additional free Navy Swimming tee shirt.

7 June 2022:  Navy Swimming Camp promotion page 2 now available (click here.) Also, a single spot in the 2024 Prospect Clinic became available yesterday.  Will go to the first person to register.

Navy Swimming camp promotion page 3 now available (click here)

Navy Swimming camp promotion page 4 now awailable (click here)

6 June 2022:  Navy Swimming Camp update #3 now available (click here.)  &

Navy Swimming Clinic update #1 now available (click here.)   Navy Swimming Camp promotional infomration for one free spot in the 2023 now available (click here.)

23 May 2022:  The latest CAMP update is now available (click here.)  Also, we continue to accept applications for Navy Swimming Camp session I (June 14-18), Navy Swimming Camp-Both sessions (June 14-24,) and most clinics.  

27 April 2022:  Session II (June 20-24) is now sold out.  Also, the Technique+Video clinic for Sarurday June 18th is now sold out as well.  Space remains available for all other camp/clinic sessions with exception of the  2024 Prospect Clinic (Sunday June 19th) which is sold out.    

21 April 2022: Session II (June 20-24) has less than 5 spots available and will be moving to waitlist status very soon.  Also, one spot remains for Technique + Video (Sunday June 19th.)  

12 April 2022: Navy Swimming Camp & Clinic update #1 now available (click here.)

11 April 2022: Navy Swimming Camp Session II (June 20-24) expected to move to wait list status this week.      The 2024 Prospect Clinic (Sunday June 19th) is sold out.  Space remains available for all other camp and clinic sessions.  To view the latest preview video;

7 February 2022:   The 2024 Propsect clinic is expected to move to wait list status this week.  Plenty of space in all other camps and clinics at this time.  Also, the latest preview video is now available and focuses on the forthcoming confirmation email.  To view latest preview video;

12 January 2022:  Registration is open for all camp & clinic events.  We have several new promotions to be announced in the near future.  Also and new, registration for the propsect clinic for HS class of 2024 will open soon.  Propsect clinic for HS class of 2024 will take place on Sunday June 19th, 2022 beginning at 09:00am.

20 December 2021: Registration for the 2022 Navy Swimming Camp & Clinics is now open.  Also, we will be offering an overnight camp option in 2022.  Campers must be vaccinated to attend an overnight camp.  Clinic registration now open too. New in 2022 is our very first prospect camp for HS class of 2023.


6 June 2022: 2022 CAMP confirmation email including packing list (click here)

20 June 2021: Session II & clinics Zoom call with Coach Roberts (click here)

11 June 2021: Session I Zoom call with Coach Roberts (click here)